Tool: Shift Learning


Rating: 3stars


SHIFT is a fully comprehensive, all-inclusive, and diverse authoring tool.  It’s simple, smart and flexible. Even if you know how to code SHIFT is easy to use and quick to learn.


SHIFT can be classified as a ‘disruptive learning tool’ because it combines all the high end, high quality graphics provided by a rich media authoring tool, with the quickness and ease of use of a rapid e-learning authoring tool. This tool can be bought for approx. 80+euros a month.
One of the best features about SHIFT learning is that learners aren’t chained to a PC, SHIFT allows you to create a course once, and automatically publish it on all devices (be it a desktop or a mobile device. Courses are specifically designed to work well on these devices despite not having an app). You don’t need redesign and adapt the course for each delivery option. This means SHIFT goes beyond just HTML5 output; it dynamically adapts content for any screen, resolution, or aspect ratio.


The most important feature of shift learn is that it creates really engaging learning materials, it understands what is needed to capture the attention of learners and gives an el-learning tool that encapsulates innovative teaching methods. One of the main drawbacks about this tool is that it seems to be more suited to the technically minded teachers, it uses code and for those who are not tech savvy they might find this tool to be a challenge to get use to using.

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