Tool: Powtoon




PowToon sets out to make animated video affordable and accessible to a wider audience. While the output might not always be the most professional, particularly on the cheaper packages, it certainly enables inexperienced individuals on limited budgets to produce engaging videos. The prices for PowToon vary from 7 euro per export to monthly plans starting from 20 euro a month (depending on requirements eg HD quality and length of video). For education institutes there are a variety of plans available, the most suitable however would be the classroom plan which enables 60 students and 1 teacher to use the software for 7.50euros a month.


As PowToon is an online application, it can only be used if connected to the internet so you will struggle to for example to edit your PowToons whilst on the move, you can still view PowToons that have been saved out as video files. Powtoon requires and the software itself cannot be downloaded to your computers as it is an online application, if you are a premium user you can download your finished videos and view them offline. It is accessible on portable devices but again it requires internet access. Powtoon presentations are generated as an XML file which can be played in the Powtoon online viewer, exported to YouTube or downloaded as an MP4 file. The key thing to remember about PowToon is that it produces video. Pesentations look the same on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Many users have stipulated that while creating the videos is straightforward and the output looks good it is a lengthy and time consuming process trying to ensure that the timing and the manipulation of the animations are correct.

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