Tool: Ombea


Rating: 3stars


Ombea enables teachers to enhance their presentations by adding interactive slides or side bars to engage students. The tool can be used to assess students, track attainment, elicit opinions or engage parents by using interactive features that pool students reponses to questions of a varied style. The software can be used on mobile devices or laptops as well as through “clickers” that pole the responses.


Ombea is used as a polling and interactive student resource. It works by allowing educators to add interactive slides to their presentation from simple questions to more advanced group questions, it then allows the group to answer with their mobile device and finally it collects the data and analyses it. Ombea provides extensive reports on the data and stores all data so that it can be used by students to monitor their own individual results, the educators to monitor class performance and trends and the head of departments to monitor things like class attendance and performance.

The tool is relatively easy to access and use. It gives educators powerful insight into how students are performing and allows them to access these stored reports as reference. The tool allows students to operate this tool on smart phones when connected to a network and also gives them the change to monitor their performance easily throughout the year.


“OMBEA has been a great maths resource but also a useful cross-curricular tool. It’s also great for feedback in line with the 1/2/3 system we have in place to encourage self-assessment and to identify and address any particular misconceptions. It’s fantastic for data handling and compiling data to use with the class. Overall it’s a great piece of kit and I love that we can tailor it so easily!”
Claire Constantopoulos, William Barcroft Junior School

Tool Evaluation