The benefits for you

The MODERN project aims to help you teach more effectively through incorporating new digital learning tools into your day to day teaching delivery. We hope MODERN will be a key resource in your professional development. We have identified, assessed and categorised the latest and best digital learning tools. We are the only website in the world that has actually had real educators looking at and rating every tool. Want to find the best tools for creating courses? Done! Want to find the best tool for testing students? Done! Want to find the best tools for project work? Done! In fact our unique 10 category classification system makes it easy for you to find the best tool for the learning objective you want to achieve.

MODERN has been funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Programme, so there are no adverts, no sponsors to please, we are objective. We are solely interested in pedagogic potential, not “gimmicks” or commercial gain. By engaging with the project you:

  • Will learn intuitive powerful tools for engaging students
  • Understand the pedagogic potential of digital learning tools
  • Motivated to incorporate some of these new tools into your teaching practice
  • Increase your own digital literacy enormously

Our aim is clear

MODERN aims to increase the ability and motivation of teachers, trainers and lecturers to use digital learning resources as a means to more effective, relevant teaching, thereby causing a positive impact in their students.

We hope to achieve this by:

  • Providing educators with a convenient and highly usable set of innovative tools which they can use to engage their students on mobile devices
  • Offering clear guidelines on which tool offers the best solutions to achieving pedagogical objectives
  • Presenting our toolkit in a highly attractive manner and user friendly format.


Smart phones and tablets have revolutionised the way we live and work, but not yet in many cases the way we teach students in vocational training or higher education. There are fantastic opportunities however for interactive, student-led learning inside and outside the classroom via these powerful mobile phones. We know digital and mobile resources are proven to increase adult learner engagement and information retention. They’re also well suited to “hard to reach” learners or those who direct their own learning activities “on the go”. Yet only 1 in 5 students are taught by digitally confident and supportive teachers – hence MODERN! So explore our site, take a learning module, try out a learning tool – become more digitally confident

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The benefits for all of us


MODERN seeks to generate greater acceptance of the mobile phone as a learning ally by upskilling trainers, teachers and lecturers in their knowledge of available tools and appropriate pedagogical strategies, so that they are confident in their ability to select and use appropriate mobile and digital resources in their everyday teaching activities.

This will then cause a ripple effect, as adult learners, the majority of whom are young adults, will benefit from a markedly improved learning experience, via improved pedagogical strategies, greater ability to drive their own learning process and increased “on-the-go” access to learning especially when outside the classroom.   It will also enable MODERN teachers to boost career progression, and make institutions more competitive in terms of attracting students and producing excellence in results.

By 2017, with your help, we will:


Reveal how to create robust pedagogic strategies and boost learning outcomes through the use of interactive digital technologies, especially those which are student led and available on mobile/tablets


Showcase the top 20 digital interactive learning resources and provide practical tips and guides on how to use them


Increase the skills and confidence of teachers, trainers and lecturers to begin implementing the resources in their daily teaching.




Our partnership is formed by VET and HEI specialists, from across the profit, non-profit and public sectors. The project will be led by Canice Consulting, an international consultancy in the field of business VET with a growing specialism in digital elearning and marketing platforms. Canice Consulting will be joined The Universitat Politecnia de Valencia (Spain) a Higher Education Institute (HEI) known for their dedicated to providing students with an integral education through creation, development and critical reflection. A further joining partner is The University of Szczecin (Poland) a HEI known for its commitment to collaboration as a means to pursuing excellence. Momentum Consulting will lead on resource creation, they are an Irish training organisation focused on developing progressive vocational education programmes and platforms to enable entrepreneurs, employees and young people entering the world of work to participate as fully as possible in the contemporary labour market. The project will be further aided by partnerships with the EUCEN the largest European multidisciplinary Association in University Lifelong Learning and the EfVET a unique European-wide professional association which has been created by and for providers of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in all European countries.