Tool: Youtube


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A key learning resource and a place for anyone to share their own video content. YouTube is filled with fantastic video footage on practically every imaginable topic. Videos are a fantastic way of enhancing lessons as meaningful footage, graphics and sound effects can evoke even more interest in the subject.


YouTube can also be used in conjunction with other commonly used programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint. By simply copying the URL of the YouTube clip and pasting it onto the PowerPoint slide then hitting the space bar you will access the live link and view the video directly from the slide – this allows for a blended learning experience. You Tube clips can be used to promote classroom discussions, this is a robust approach to teaching which allows students to create, edit and upload and discuss their own videos is an even more powerful application of teaching.


YouTube is an ad-funded video-hosting service and is free to use. However, in the U.S, it is currently trialling YouTube Red which is a paid membership that gives you Ad-free videos, options to save videos and playlists for offline use and free Google Play Music subscription. Anyone with a digital camera or video camera and internet connection can create, upload and share their own videos on YouTube, to use this as an educational tool can be a challenge and a thrill for students. YouTube is a publishing tool and a video hosting service.

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