Tool: Vimeo


Rating: 4-stars


Vimeo is a video sharing platform that users can upload, share and view videos from. It has a three tier pricing system that ranges from free accounts to premium accounts that cost 180euros per year. The tool is available in four languages, English, Spanish, German and French. Vimeo is a higher standard video tool to others as its standard definition is HD with higher alternatives available as well.


Within education Vimeo is sometimes considered a preferable option to YouTube as it has a simple interface and there is no-third part advertising. It can be used by students and teachers to share videos on specific topics, to create reflective videos supporting learning, to provide assessment and feedback or to create subject specific playlists. Vimeo, like YouTube, is useful for on the go learning as it provides users with an app they can download and view videos as they go.


“Using Vimeo as a classroom tool is advantageous as it is free, Offers privacy options, 500 MB of storage every week, teachers/ students can upload 1 HD video per week, users can easily share videos (with other classes, or other students.) and unlike YouTube, feedback is generally positive and constructive. However, there are some limitations such as video authors/owners are not held accountable for accuracy of information in videos; content may not be objective and while students browse the different channels, they may be exposed to inappropriate material.”- Teachweb

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