Rating: 3stars


UDUTU allows educators to create/use courses as well as to deploy them and measure the learning experience. As content can be easily adapted from several media formats  (MP4, PDF, PPT, …), existing material can be used meaning that educators do not have to build their content form scratch.  An internet connection and an account are needed in order to use it. However, since it is a web application it does not require any installation.


UDUTU offers an easy-to-use tool that can be utilized by educators without having to involve IT specialists.  Using this tool, multimedia can be easily integrated into online courses making them more dynamic and engaging for students.
Anyone can create and manage effective online content with UDUTU. In fact, it is especially useful for creating quizzes and surveys directly. Furthermore, it provides various other Course Authoring and Learning Management System features such as hosted course tracking. For example, participants can host their own courses for a fee, or they can create the course for free using UDUTU Course Authoring Tool and then extract it to be hosted on UDUTU LMS. UDUTU offers different levels of membership each one with different price and features. There is the free version, GURU $19.00/mo, GURU PRO $39.00/mo and GURU MASTER $25K/one time fee.


UDUTU offers a completely free online authoring tool and has its own LMS (as well as other services). Educators can use this tool in order to create and export their courses and later host them in their own server or LMS.
In order to represent different groups or topics, UDUTU uses several folders that allow its users to organize their information in a flexible way. Educators can also create assessments screens, which include multiple choice, order the steps, phrase matching and more. Overall, this tool allows educators to create engaging content for their students regardless of the size of their classes.

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