Tool: Quizlet


Rating: 4-stars

Quizlet_logo is a free website which enables teachers and students to create digital flash cards. Quizlet can automatically generate interactive games and tests for the material that is entered. Five or ten minutes of initial preparatory work entering information up front can yield literally hours’ worth of automatically-assessed activities inside and outside of the classroom, on computers, smartphones, tablets, and even pencil-and-paper printed exercises.


Quizlet is a useful tool in education (particularly in language teaching) because of the following functionality:

  1. It reads the word and definition to the student out loud, enhancing students’ grasp of pronunciation.
  2. It provides targeted spelling feedback, in the “Speller” studying mode, students hear the target word spoken out loud and see a written definition on the screen.
  3. Quizlet generates customizable randomized tests for students to boost their long-term memory.
  4. Quizlet generates interactive games to help students study course content.


“I absolutely love this tool! I use it with my 2nd-grade students and my college-level students. For my 2nd graders, I like to create vocabulary flash cards that include images and definitions to help them better connect to the terminology. In my online college courses, I use this tool to introduce new topics being covered in the module and as a knowledge check at the end of the module. There are so many wonderful uses for this amazing tool! I would definitely recommend this to every educator.”

By Christi Collins, USA- Educator, Instructional Designer, eLearning, Online Instructor

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