Tool: Socrative


Rating: 3stars

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Socrative aims to help teachers to asses and engage their students. It provides instant insight into levels of understanding through the use of real-time questioning, result aggregation and visualization. Socrative is free and does not have a premium version available for extra cost. It also has apps for both teachers and students which are optional and can be downloaded for free.


Many educators have indicated that it is appropriate for any grade level and that it is quite easy to use for both teachers and students. Socrative is an online application so it can only be used while connected to the internet. For a teacher account, one needs to provide some personal data in order to get a free account. Students however are not required to introduce any personal data, they only have to introduce the Room Code into the corresponding field.  It is possible to create different types of questionnaires including short answer, true or false and multiple choice. Moreover as a teacher you can download results into excel or google sheets in order to manipulate them. Teachers can share their quizzes allowing their reuse without the work involved in creating them.

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