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Slide Share is a web application. It provides a slide hosting service where users can upload files. These files can be public or private depending on which is the need. This application was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012.


It is easy to learn and use, due it is similar to other presentation tools. However, many users complain that it does not have any ease to develop collaborative presentations. Due to it is a web application, it is easy to share and send to many people which are one of its best advantages.
Slideshare is free and it does not have any premium version. During approximately four years, Slide Share had a premium version. This version was deleted and all its features were moved to the free version. As a web tool, SlideShare has a really easy access since its only requirement is to be registered in SlideShare, LinkedIn or Facebook. However, this tool cannot be accessed unless you have an Internet connection. In addition, SlideShare can be accessed from an android or windows phone device due to its app. With SlideShare you can create online presentations that can be displayed in many browsers. SlideShare can share your slides by email and social networks (e.g. Facebook). SlideShare allows users to download presentation in many formats such as ppt, pptx, pdf, doc, docx, mp4, mov, etc.

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