Tool: Skype


Rating: 4-stars


Skype is a free software program that allows you to make free voice and video calls to any other computer in the world via a high-speed internet connection. Tools like Skype allow students in even the most rural areas to connect with other students, educators, or interesting people from around the world, creating myriad educational opportunities.


Collaborating with other classes is probably the most popular way to use Skype in the classroom. Possible scenarios include: Reading to another class- Connecting with reading buddies. When students have worked all semester long on a project and you would love to have them make a formal presentation to another group of students. Students can virtually present projects to another class and have the other class critique their work. To take this one step further, educators could pair students from each class to work on the project virtually and then work together to present the projects via Skype. Polishing language skills- Foreign-language teachers have embraced Skype as a powerful tool to reinforce second-language acquisition. By partnering with a class in another country, both classes can refine their conversational skills. It also serves as a way for students to gain first-hand knowledge of another culture. Be aware, however, that time-zone differences can sometimes make these collaborations prohibitive..


Skype is a very useful tools as there is a number of useful outputs that can prove successful in the classroom. Skype can be used for message, voice and video call, all from one app. It can also be used for free group video calls. It can be used as a file sharing tool and can be used to send pictures and files, or share your screen. Skype Translator will translate your conversation into another language in near real-time allowing you to speak with anyone around the world.

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