Tool: SharePoint


Rating: 4-stars


SharePoint is an integrated suite of products from Microsoft that allows its users to create a social intranet and a collaboration portal. It can be found as a cloud-based app or as an application running on its user’s infrastructure.


SharePoint has many features such document sharing, calendaring, discussions and more. In fact, it counts with an app store that allows its users to discover downloadable useful applications.

Its social features (blogs, communities, Wikis, RSS feeds, …) make collaboration easier. It seems that currently its being used by organizations more than by learning environments. However, due to its characteristics it could help the way students organize themselves and collaborate with each other.


There are several licences depending on the needs of its users.

E.g. SharePoint Online is licensed on a per-user basis. It can be purchased either as a standalone plan or included as part of Office 365 plans (SharePoint Online Plan 1 – 4.2€ user/month, Plan 2 – 8.40€ user/month). SharePoint online allows its users to get rid of the overhead of managing an infrastructure of their own. Moreover, as there are mobile apps for Android, IOS and Windows Phone, its content is accessible from almost everywhere as long as an internet connection is available. SharePoint offers a safe place to organize, store and share information that will be available from any device.

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