Tool: Scoopit


Rating: 3stars

scoopit is a curation tool that allows users to collect information about a topic of interest and display it all on one attractive visual page. The platform is dedicated to organising links to websites in one centralized page. A basic version with limited features is available for free (Free Trial). Two option Pro and Business are paid ones. Pricing details are available on:


Each website that user ‘scoop’ appears on the webpage in its own self-contained box. User can personalize this box, to a certain degree by adding a short description and some tags. A tag is usually a one word indicator of what a particular piece of information is referring to. It is a label which enables users to categorize and facilitates search processes in The tool allows users to share the data thanks to integration with e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Review requires an account. User can use the Diigo profile or integrate it with Facebook or Twitter. Access to tool is possible by any computer or browser. Additionally, mobile apps for are available on iOS and Android. With user can discover content on interesting topics by reviewing suggestion lists and the topics from other curators. The information can be selected and published with individual comments using the social services.

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