We are developing four resources to help you learn and introduce new digital tools and innovative (dare we say, more modern?) practice into your teaching delivery. Each of our resources is stand alone, but together we think they form a holistic package which leads you from the very broad (Audit of learning tools) to our quite specific (online training course).

First we have our “Audit of learning tools”, in this report we have identified, assessed and categorised the latest and best digital learning tools. Yes, there are endless of “lists” of learning tools out there, but we are the only website in the world that has actually had real educators looking at and rating every tool. Yes it’s a subjective assessment, but led and undertaken by a leading European University! We’ve also developed our unique 10 category classification system, which makes it easy for you to find the best tool for the learning objective you want to achieve. You can use the audit in two ways, firstly you can download and read the Audit Report which will provide you with an excellent overview of learning tools in general and their applicability; or you can search by category to find specific tools to do a particular function eg testing students.

Next, we have our Pedagogic assessment of “our” top twenty five tools – now this is a report which really is worth reading! Again we have categorised the tools in our 10 category classification system, but in this report we have undertaken a more detailed look at the pedagogic potential of the tools we find most useful. Each assessment is no more than 3 pages long and provides you with all the essential information you need to decide if this is a tool that might be useful to you in your teaching deliver. And if it is? Then you can learn how to use it (in less than 1 hour) in our next set of resources – our Toolkit!

Our Toolkit is an online toolkit designed to teach you our top 25 tools in under 1 hour each. It follows a 4 step process, read the pedagogic report, watch our introductory video, view some examples of the impact of the tool in “real life” learning environments then learn the tool itself. Our hope and aim is encourage you to try 1 or 2 tools initially, gauge the impact for yourself then learn some more! Our Toolkit is currently a work in progress but will be online by December 2016.

Our fourth and final resource is an online training course to help you learn some new and innovative teaching techniques. It has five modules:

  1. Introduction to innovative teaching
  2. The flipped Classroom teaching model
  3. Collaborative learning spaces and Peer connections
  4. Project based learning
  5. E-learning Trends

Now here is what we think is the clever bit! These modules has been developed using 8 of our top 25 learning tools! So by taking the modules you will gain new knowledge but also experience the “learning experience” of some of these learning tools. Our hope of course is that this will further encourage you to implement these tools in you teaching delivery! Our Online training course is currently a work in progress, but will be online by December 2016.