Tool: Quizdom


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Qwizdom offer a range of student response system hardware options (sometimes known as clickers, voting systems or audience response systems), as well as Qwizdom Virtual Response (QVR), which is a  downloadable response app allows you to transform any Web-enabled device into a student response system, clicker and voting tool which allows access from anywhere with a web connection to facilitate remote learning. The pricing for this tool is not clear but indications are that the kit cost is quite extensive. However it is a one off cost that is worth the initial investment.


1. Easy to Implement- Easy-to-use tools and software, whether using student response hardware or Qwizdom Virtual Response (QVR), along with the technical support we offer ensure that teachers are up and running quickly with limited need for training.
2. Immediate Feedback- With student understanding assessed and viewed instantly, instructors are able to adapt teaching as needed, reaching more individuals and maximizing learning.
3. Grading & Reporting- Instant grading and printable reports allow teachers to efficiently relay student progress to parents and administrators. This frees up time for more engaging classroom activities.
4. Performance Tracking-Qwizdom Action point software enables you to generate individual or class reports for performance summaries. Allowing you to monitor and track student progress and understanding across topics, subjects or across the school term or year.
5. Reduces Expenditures- Using a Qwizdom Student Response System or Qwizdom Virtual Remote (QVR) along with computer-based presentations or resources means a reduction in printing costs and waste.


I’d recommend it to other teachers because it can revolutionise the teaching and learning in your classroom. I have pupils racing to my classroom from their previous lesson – I’m sure that wasn’t always the case in the past. I have to admit I was surprised at the students response. I thought that the younger pupils would enjoy it but that it would have limited credence with the older pupils. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Every class that I’ve used it with from Y7 though to Y13 has thoroughly enjoyed their learning using Qwizdom. The worst thing about Qwizdom would be setting up class lists and getting the pupils to log on using their numeric ID numbers. If I’d judged Qwizdom on my first use of it, I wouldn’t have used it again. However, once you’ve used it with a class a few times and they know the sequence of events involved in logging on, it all runs smoothly. -Schoolzone Review

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