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Poll Everywhere is an easy way to gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, etc –  using SMS, web, or Twitter. Overview


Response systems can increase student engagement and participation by giving all students a chance to respond, as opposed to only the few motivated or outgoing enough to raise their hands, during whole-class questioning. Results from past polls or quizzes are stored on the website and can be associated with student names. This allows teachers to track each student’s performance over time.


Poll Everywhere is an affordable tool that allows students to respond to questions from a teacher using almost any device. Teachers create accounts on the Poll Everywhere site and create quizzes. Students then go to the website to answer quiz questions or send text messages to a specific code number. Teachers can project questions on a screen and can even view or display poll results in real-time. Poll Everywhere allows for frequent and immediate formative assessment.

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