Tool: Podbean


Rating: 4-stars


Podbean is an easy and efficient free tool available for educators to start podcasting. Podbean allows users to create professional podcasts in minutes without any programming knowledge. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone to upload, publish, manage and promote their podcasts in just a few steps. Podbean is  supported in devices such as, Desktop Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, IOS and Android making it a tool that is widely applicable to users on different platforms.


Educators can create their podcasts and share them with students and colleagues.  For example, classroom sites can be created and students will have easy access to the podcasts that teachers make available in relation to relevant topics. Podbean’s website contains many featured as well as popular podcasts by experts from around the world.


“Ultra simple podcast publishing solution. Unlimited bandwidth and storage. Everything a podcaster needs to host, promote, and track your podcast.”-Web Wiki

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