Tool: Piktochart


Rating: 4-stars


Piktochart is an online tool for creating infographics. Combining charts, graphs, text, and graphics, users can easily assemble and present information using the drag-and-drop interface. Users choose a template, or theme, and then fill it with their own information. Using Piktochart’s bank of icons, images, fonts, and other design tools, organizing and sharing information can be fun and engaging. Icons and images are organized by subject, including education, entertainment, people, and shapes. Once completed, each template can be saved for future editing, and the finished product can be exported as a PNG, JPEG, or PDF file. The free user version can work on up to five themes at a time. The education pricing for an individual  is 35 euros for 12 months or 110euros for 30 accounts for 4 months. The paid accounts offer a larger range of features and templates.


Picktochart can be used by students to learn concepts of grouping, graphing, and visually representing pieces of information. By putting together a Picktochart infographic, they will interpret data and then create a combination of text, images, and charts or graphs to share with others. Furthermore by discovering what’s visually appealing to their audience, students will improve their awareness of how other people learn thereby helping them with future presentations. Educators can use it in their lesson plans and in-class presentations. Used well, it can distil information into understandable chunks and students should respond well to its sleek design.


“Piktochart templates are set up to work well with all kinds of data, and students will be excited once they see their own research looking so slick and professional. The design is fantastic, with modern, charming icons and fonts, and it’s not too difficult to make seriously high-quality infographics with Piktochart. That said, it’s not totally intuitive, and the guidance offered can be confusing. But if they poke around enough, students will figure out how to use Piktochart for school projects, class presentations, and maybe even just for fun.”-Teacher

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