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Nimble author

Nimble author is a course creation tool and a Learning Management System. It makes building engaging online learning and assessments remarkably straight-forward.


Per the website Nimble Author stands out and is used for a number of reasons such as:
• No technical skills needed
• Cloud software means no installation or download required
• Create courses directly from our website
• Publish your courses to SCORM 1.2 in seconds
• Build courses collaboratively
• Add your own logo and colour scheme easily
• Royalty-free image library or upload your own
• Integrated assessment at the end of each course
• Courses are desktop, laptop and iPad/tablet friendly
• Option to add nimble®LMS to enrol students and track results (PAYG LMS included)
Nimble is free to try for an unlimited period. The only limitation is that you need to purchase a licence when you have to export your SCORM course, or enrol learners on nimble LMS.The cost of the annual licence is aproxiamtely $850.00 (€765). However, you may have a 50% discount available for charities and schools. Additional licences can be purchased for £650.00 (€578).


This tool is quite simple to use and works well with a variety of LMS systems however it is recommended that you use it with the elearning247 LMS (the creator of the Nimble Author) Also adding pages and editing them is relatively straight forward and simple. When you edit a template page or start with a blank one, you have the flexibility of adding different content types by clicking an Add button and moving objects around after clicking a Drag button also it allows you to add an Assessment at the end of the created lessons.

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