Tool: iRubric


Rating: 2stars


iRubric is a tool for developing and sharing rubrics that is part of the collaborative learning environment called RCampus. It lets you create a rubric from scratch and also modifying an existing one. Moreover, iRubric allows you to collaboratively assess rubrics.


Although their webpage is not the more visually appealing this tool allows you to easily develop, assess and share rubrics.  It has a public gallery of rubrics organized by grade levels, subjects and types. It can be really useful and allows its users to have a rubric ready to use after only a couple of clicks. Individual educators and students can use iRubric for free. However, with iRubric Enterprise Edition they provide flexible licensing and hosting plans (They let you request more information about it).
As iRubric is a web-based tool you only need an internet connection and a profile in order to use it. However you can visualize the rubrics from their gallery even if you haven’t logged in.


Using iRubric you can build, customize, assess and share your own rubrics in a really simple way. In addition you can have your own collection of rubrics and edit, print or send them by email.

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