Tool: iPadio


Rating: 3stars

Review IPadio is a tool that offers an easy and fast way to create and share audio. It is used via a free app to record, edit, and upload audio to the web.


The ipadio app lets you record up to 60 minutes of high quality audio and then add titles, descriptions, images, and geo-locate your recording before uploading to a pre-created account or cross-posted to a classroom Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Live Spaces, or LiveJournal accounts. Ipadio is useful for a number of different classroom settings, however it is most useful for being used as a tools for recording and uploading podcasts.


“There are a number of reasons this app is useful. These are

  1. Generous length for each recording
  2. Easy to post (all or) selected recordings to an e-portfolio on WordPress or Blogger
  3. Easy to embed manually in Edmodo, for example
  4. Teachers can follow students, although this needs improving
  5. Teachers (and students) can easily add constructive comments.”- Android user

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