Tool: Hakiu Deck


Rating: 3stars


Haiku Deck is a simple and straightforward application that can be used to create presentations. This tool is one that has received a lot of positive feedback from educators as it takes some of the very basic features of PowerPoint and puts them into an easy-to-use app. Due to this Haiku deck is familiar and hassle free to use for anyone with basic PowerPoint experience. Finished presentations created via Haiku are very much more aesthetically pleasing than alternative presentation applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and furthermore because this is an app-based application it is very convenient for educators who travel a lot.


Haiku Deck allows users to incorporate many features in order to create stand out presentations. To do this the application offers a choice of themes and high-quality Creative Commons licensed photos to enhance the visual display of the presentation. It also allows users to import photos from photo roll on iOS devices, from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Dropbox in order to make the presentation more specific. Applying fonts, image settings, layouts and colour palettes are all easily accessible and allow for quick editing of the presentations. As Well as this Haiku Deck makes the sharing of the final product a simple process. Decks (the final presentations) can be shared via email, Twitter, Facebook or embed in a blog, they can also be displayed with an iPad, a projector, a smartphone, or any web browser or easily exported to PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF.  Finally, users can alter privacy settings, which make it easy to control who can view your deck right from the app.


This software works really well on a variety of platforms and especially well on IOS devices via the app. The free version offers a wide range of free images and templates. Overall, it is a really efficient and effective way to produce presentations that are different and will stand out. Due to the simplistic nature of this application, it is perfect for both students and teachers to use as it does not take much time to learn and start putting to use.

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