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GoToMeeting is a widely used flexible tool for teleconferencing and online meetings or holding webinars. It can be used from any browser as well as most mobile devices, with or without a camera. There are quite extensive features in the free version, while the professional versions offer even more powerful tools. GoToWebinar, a subsidiary of GTM. It is especially convenient for education as it allows educators to set up online seminars and invite students, lecturers and panellists to join. It is a really useful way to incorporate online tools to communicate with students in remote areas. It is an easy way to deliver online seminars. There are a number of different price packages available for GoToWebinar, it ranges from a free thirty day trial, to a starter package that is 82Euros per month up to 100 attendees, the pro version which is 182Euros per month up to 500 attendees and the Plus version which is 273Euros per month up to 1000 attendees


Using Go To Webinar is a popular platform for educators as it allows for such as hosting webinars in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. This webinar service integrates with Outlook, or you can have the application distribute invitations. If you use GoToWebinar’s application, you can invite people as presenters, and they have presenter roles as soon as they log in. This webinar service has integration for Facebook and Twitter so you can also promote your conference through these social media outlets. Finally, you can also add participants during the seminar by sharing the meeting’s unique URL. This service has apps so that people can attend using a smartphone or tablet.


“With 100% of ‘Fortune100’, and 98% of ‘Fortune500’ companies as its clients, GoToWebinar can be recommended without hesitation to any company seriously committed to maximizing reach of their target audiences, in the most cost-effective, secure and reliable manner. With unmatched and multiple user-friendly, features, GoToWebinar stands head and shoulders above the rest.”- The Review Jury Online

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