Tool: Go Conqr


Rating: 4-stars


GoConqr is a personal learning environment that allows students & teachers to create and share learning resources. GoConqr includes tools to create Mind Maps, Flashcards, Notes and Quizzes. The tool facilitates study planning and monitoring of progress in real time it also including collaboration features, allowing one to connect with study partners to share knowledge. All of above should help make studying easier and more productive. This software is relatively easy to access and use. They offer three packages as well as an app that is downloadable to android and iOS devices. The three packages are; the basic package which allows you to create 3 subjects and a total of 20 resources, secondly the basic+ which allows you to create unlimited subjects and unlimited public resources by referring 3 friends to GoConqr and finally a premium package that gives you the ability to create private resources and go ad free for £9.99 per year. Overall, the software is user friendly and very interactive.


This is a powerful tool for both students and educators. There is a suite of creation tools on offer including; engaging Mind Maps, Flashcards, Slides and Quizzes. It succeeds in making study a more immersive and imaginative experience. There is a library of 4 million learning resources covering thousands of subject categories across multiple languages and exam levels. In addition, there are interactive collaboration option such as the ability to set up or join a community, invite friends and collaborate with peers. Either one can choose to share creations of one’s own, or those of other learners and publicly published resources are free to use, copy, edit and share.


“It’s a very good app! I can use it for all my exam revision. But if you could create an update where we can create cards, mind maps etc. straight on our devices that would be awesome.” ITunes Review of app.

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