Tool: Elucidat


Rating: 3stars


Elucidat is an eLearning authoring tool that features a custom theme builder, pre-made templates, collaboration tools, and a user-friendly design interface. It focuses on HTML5 course creation, and gives eLearning professionals the opportunity to develop online learning materials that load quickly and run on any browser or mobile device.


This application offers such as Collaboration Tools which is software features with a built-in review and commenting platform that allows you to provide feedback and communicate with members of your learning team. It allows for quick Deployment by allowing educators to publish their eLearning course online or export it to existing LMS. Elucidat supports SCORM, MOOC, and Tin Can. They also feature built-in hosting, which gives you the ability to immediately share your courses online, thanks to their Elucidat Rapid Release system. It also offers analytic features, Elucidat offers built-in learner analytics that you can use to track learner progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and gain insight into the effectiveness of the eLearning course design.  It has an extensive image library so educators gain access to over 25,000 e-learning Art images, which includes cut-outs, graphics, and a wide variety of other learning resources. You can even manage your own images within the program, in order to keep all of your eLearning design elements in one place. Finally, it offers gamification tools, like badges and points, and supports content that is non-linear. One of the best things about Elucidat is that it’s ideally suited for new and experienced eLearning professionals. If you’ve never worked with an eLearning authoring tool before or are relatively new to eLearning course design, you can use their premade themes and templates to design effective online courses. You simply input your data into the template and make minor adjustments to suit the needs of your learners.


“The simple, yet powerful authoring interface, collaboration, analytics and Tin Can API features of Elucidat have been a great fit for PepsiCo and several others of our enterprise clients. We loved the authoring tool and platform so much we became a reseller partner!”
Scott Matthews, CEO, Learning Evolution

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