Tool: Ed Puzzle


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This is a web application that enables teachers and students to teach and learn through videos, voiceovers, audio notes and embbeded questions and quizzes.


Teachers will be able to build video-based courses using straighforward and intuitive easy to use video editor. Crop interesting parts of videos to explain the topic under teaching, insert audio tracks to explain the video in your own language and approach, embed audio notes for introductory comments, conclusions, remarks and add quizzes for formative assessment anytime during the video to check students understanding and to know whether they are watching your lessons.


EdPuzzle is a great tool which is 100% free. It is Provided as web service and an internet connection is required which could make it difficult to use without broadband connection due to video-based technology (e.g. LAN, Wifi). The output of the tool is rich media learning resource, which can be crafted from public repositories (e.g. Youtube videos, Vimeo videos) or local files (which are stored and streamed from publisher hosts) Learning content can be adjusted by cropping interesting parts of videos. It also provides a platform for including interactive videos for teachers and students and teachers are able to enrich video content with audio tracks, notes and quizzes. Overall this is an effective learning tool with unlimited space quoted for videos, classes and students.

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