Tool: Camtasia


Rating: 4-stars


Camtasia is used to create video tutorials and presentations. One of its main points is that you can screencast or direct record your presentations. In addition, you can edit your videos and audios. There are different prices for Windows and Mac. In Windows it costs 272 euro and 136 euro for each upgrade. The Mac OS version costs 90 euro and approximately 45 euro to upgrade.


Camtasia allows the user to record their screen by selecting the area desired. This technology its quite easy to use but has so many options that it is difficult to master. After recording your video, you can edit it by using advanced techniques and features. In addition, the user can improve the sound of the music or the narration.


To use this tool, you have to install it. The process of installation its quite simple. The Camtasia output can be a video in different formats, such as mp4 audio files such as mp3. Overall it’s a tool probably best suited to the tech savvy.

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