Tool: Blender


Rating: 4stars


Blender is an open source software suite primarily used for the creation of 3D modelling, animation as well as for full video editing. Supported versions of Blender will run on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD (which is basically Unix).


Blended can be used by students and educators to create interactive videos using clips and footage. Clips can be placed on a timeline, edited for length, overlapped with others, and joined with a range of transitions or fades. Moreover, various advanced features can also be accessed including 2D and 3D motion tracking, compositing of animated objects and real footage depending on how familiar the user feels with the software.


“As Blender is an open source project the documentation can be a little random at times, but the healthy user forums mean that you can usually find the answer to your question without much difficulty. You will of course have a fair few questions because there is simply so much you can do with this software. If Blender was on sale for a couple of hundred pounds it wouldn’t look out of place. The fact that you get a package like this for free is….well, ridiculous.” PC Advisor

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