Tool: Articulate


Rating: 3stars


Articulate Storyline helps in creating polished interactive courses. It is an e-learning authoring software that integrates embedding, onscreen capture, interactivity etc in one package. It is simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for experts. Articulate Storyline can publish elearning courses for mobile Device such as iPad and Android devices. The output of Articulate is compliant with SCORM, AICC and Tincan. One of the biggest disadvantages is that this package-beginning price is 182 euros a month. However, it is set up on a month-to-month payment basis so no contract is required.


Articulate can be used to publish content online with one click, track who is using and viewing your presentations and run reports that monitor e learning hence it allows an in-depth understanding of the usage and how well the content is being responded to by users.


Articuclate is a useful tool as it has an intuitive user interface and logical way to create advanced interactions. User interface is quite similar to that of Microsoft Office PowerPoint so users feel comfortable with the software quickly. There is a strong community exists where questions or problems can be answered by the community members quite soon. The pictured characters have flexible settings and there is free form and drag-n-drop questions. Also it provides software simulation as well as variables and triggers. Free mobile app for viewing content on iPads and Android devices.
However it has some disadvantages such as a High price, its not compatible with other similar products, there is no feature to publishing to video, there is no opportunity to add a video narration, there is no content adaptation for mobile devices and there is no Conversation Simulation tool.

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