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adobe connect

It is a web conferencing software service that offers immersive online meeting experiences for small group collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars, to create information and general presentations, online training materials, web conferencing, learning modules, and user desktop sharing.  Adobe connect is a flash technology based which is defined as a well-finished product. Its GUI is quite intuitive and well organised to allow all user to learn how it work easily and fast.


Users of this tool can benefit from an array of features such as unlimited and customizable meeting rooms, Multiple meeting rooms per user, Breakout sessions within a meeting, VoIP, Audio and video conferencing, Meeting recording, Screen sharing, Notes, chat, and whiteboards, User management, administration, and reporting, Polling, Central content library and Collaboration Builder SDK. Adobe connect is priced at $1250/year on Adobe Connect Webinars version. $3500/year on Adobe Connect Learning version. Adobe Connect Meetings version $500/year. One-month free trial available.


As it has many features the output of this tool can vary a lot, for example we could do screen and document sharing, polls, Q6A, chat, notes, whiteboard, rich media sharing
This tool can be accessed through web, so internet connection is required to use it. It is ready for multiple devices such as desktop, tablets or mobile. However, as it requires internet connection it could be potentially unavailable in some cases or even could have bad performance if the Internet bandwidth is not enough.

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adobe connect