Tool: Adobe Captivate


Rating: 4-stars


Adobe Captivate is a rapid responsive authoring tool that is used for creating eLearning content such as software demonstrations, software simulations, branched scenarios, and randomized quizzes in Small Web Formats (swf) and HTML5 formats. It can also convert Adobe Captivate generated files formats (swf) to digital MP4 (.mp4) formats which can be played with media players or uploaded to video hosting websites. It can also be used to create screencasts, and to convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to swf and HTML5 formats. They do offer a teacher and student price that can purchase the license for 412.50 euros.


This tool is valuable as it has a responsive design. This means that from a single project, users can create eLearning content that can be viewed across multiple devices such as tablets, phones, and laptops. Furthermore it allows for HTML5 publishing which fully supports publishing to HTML5 formats. It also creates a rapid eLearning authoring environment that allows users to create eLearning material without having any knowledge of coding. It has rich multimedia capability and includes an extensive range of assets that users can add to their courses. Moreover it provides an easy quizzing platform,  thereby providing interest and interactivity to an eLearning course. Scoring is also supported. All courses produced can be published to any SCORM-compliant LMS.


The program is intuitive and allows for a strong layering of effects, graphics, and outputs well. It handles all media typically used for computer-based training, and the end result is high quality. It is an easy program to learn quickly (though not within an hour and probably not for a novice) and once the program is understood, is able to produce very complex interactions. “Overall the program is fantastic to work with.” –Trevor S.- Review G2Crowd

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