Tool: Yammer


Rating: 3stars


Yammer is Microsoft’s Enterprise Private Social Networking platform that has become a popular social collaboration and knowledge sharing platform both in businesses and education.


Yammer’s functionality in fostering collaboration and discussion has made it a popular choice in the context of training and education. Yammer brings together students, content, conversation, and educational data in a single convenient location. Yammer offers you an intelligent and efficient way to connect with the information and people that you need to get things done, and their mobile app allows you to keep on top of what’s going on, even when you’re on the go! Some ways Yammer can be used:
-Collaborate and share ideas together in real time, no matter where you are.
-Keep Informed: Stay on top of conversations, files, and projects
-Talk with Groups: Discover what’s happening in your Groups and share your input
-Your Mobile Inbox: See your most important Yammer conversations and prioritize your work
-Share Photos: Snap a pic and easily share it with others
-Get Push Notifications: Stay notified of important activity right when it happens. Yammer Enterprise and Office 365 are engineered to work well together. Foster open team collaboration by using Yammer to bring your work together in one place.
Any organization can use Yammer for free, and many educational institutions have jumped on the Yammer train. Yammer is a social network much like Twitter or Facebook, but it differs in a couple of key ways. First, not everyone can join Yammer. You have to have an email address associated with a company or institution to join the network, thus there are no extraneous postings that are unrelated to the people who you work with professionally. Yammer has a great user interface and offers a very useful mobile app. The user community is also especially valuable if expert assistance is needed.


Yammers offers the ability to create a private group, chat with various members, and see who is online. Live feeds, the use of polls, the announcements feature, the embedding of articles, and the response features to postings are also other ways of engaging on this social networking site.

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